Feedback from Youth & Families

Feedback from Youth 

"I like that I can open up and not feel judged."

"I was pleased about the way that the counsellor made me feel very comfortable. I was given very helpful suggestions."

"I liked how [the counsellor] listened and tried as much as she could to help me. She made me feel confident."

"What I liked about this service was that they really helped me feel much better about myself. They made me understand how to help myself in these types of situations and showing me the right path."

"I liked how the counselor referred to my concerns when outlining a plan."

"I felt like I was able to speak freely and I was treated with lots of respect."

"They understood my situation. They had different strategies to help me cope better."

"I felt safe enough to open up and share. I knew what I was saying would remain confidential, and their only intention was to help me."

Feedback from Parents/Caregivers: 

"I liked the approach and appreciated the action-oriented recommendations and tools my son can use immediately to assist him with his anxiety."

"It was free, it was close to home, everyone was very friendly and I left feeling reassured."

"I was not rushed; I was able to talk about all my concerns."

"Very friendly and helpful counsellor who was easy to talk to and fantastic with my 6-year-old."

"We were listened to and were given good suggestions."

"I liked the advice that I received. I got lots of information to access the resources that I need. It feels like we are on the right track!" 

"I liked the fact that this service is available to families with no referrals required. It was very helpful and gave me some ideas to handle some difficult situations that I am facing as a parent."

"I really liked not having to wait months to see someone."

"The counsellor was patient and understanding with the parents and the child, she clearly explained what to expect out of the session and allowed everyone to feel safe to speak openly and honestly. I also appreciated being referred to information about specific issues our child experiences currently."

"I felt that the clinician listened to us and got our situation. She acknowledged the efforts we are making which made us feel like we were doing some thing right and gave us more confidence. I also really liked the way she included our son in the discussion and gave him an opportunity to provide perspective."

"The counsellor was very attentive, respectful, and asked very good and important questions."